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Cynthia Wilson James

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Larry & Cynthia's Wedding Day

Marrying My Best Male Friend

Larry & Cynthia (years later)

He knows how to make me laugh!

Larry & Cynthia (many years later)

This man is still bringing joy to me and making me laugh...after all these years!

Recognized by CBS New York and NBC News for her inspirational writings, Cynthia is a writer, speaker, author, wife, and mom.

"Like good southern cooking, blended with a tab of this and a pinch of that, I've worn various career hats throughout the years," says Cynthia. "One hat that I've kept on is a professional writer."

Cynthia enjoys using her 25+ years of professional writing experience to help others achieve their goals. She has written numerous inspirational and informational articles and ebooks. Her websites InSeasonMom and Marry Over 40 By Faith, rich with content, have served as valuable resources for women who want marriage or motherhood after the age of 35 or 40.

An experienced public speaker and educator, Cynthia has inspired and engaged audiences with topics such as Successful Interviewing Tips and Christian Single Women Can Marry After 40.

Cynthia values her customers and treats them the way she wants to be treated: professional, and polite. She delivers quality service and does not share her customers' confidential information.

Cynthia lives in the Sunny Carolinas with her husband Larry. She is a music lover and enjoys watching 1990s mystery TV shows!

Wish You Success

Cynthia's Note to You: Whether you decide to use my services or decide not to use my services, I wish you success and blessings in your journey! Keep striving for your goals!